Hitler Youth

By Susan Campbell Bartoletti


Picture yourself as a ten year old boy in Nazi Germany and finding out that you are joining the Hitler Youth. I bet you are thinking what is Hitler Youth? It was a youth group that most of the aspiring Nazi boys of Germany were in. Hitler wanted to promote his cause and he wanted start a new generation of Nazis.

It was more of a Military training camp than a youth group. The kids hated the Jews as much as Hitler it was a very bad thing. There were two groups of Hitler Youth they had one for young kids and one for ages ten and up. Hitler even made them wear Nazi solider attire.

Hitler tricked kids into joining by making posters of kids having fun. Most of the population of German boys were involved in the Hitler Youth. Hitler even made schools teach about the Nazi cause and have teachers try to convince the boys attending the schools to join. Some kids did rebel though.


When the Hitler Youth went "camping" Nazi soldiers taught the Members of the Hitler Youth how to fire weapons, reload guns, hide under fire, survive bombing raids, to be stealthy, kill, and survive.

The Hitler youth was very strict on who could be in or who couldn't. You had to have no Jewish ancestry, and you needed to be full Aryan. They also did not allow the members to be friends or date any Jews.

After the war the U.S ARMY made members of the Hitler Youth and of the Nazi army dig a formal grave for every Jew that they killed. They also made the nazis serve jail time as well

Recommendation and rating

I would recommend this book for history buffs or people that want to learn more about the youth in Nazi Germany.

I would give this title 5 out 5 stars!