Shattering Glass

By: Gail Giles


"Shattering Glass" is a powerful examination of what it takes to become popular, and what happens when the power structure of a school is dramatically shifted. A fat ,clumsy Simon Glass was a loser trying to make through high school. But the secret changed everything in his life.
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1. "Simon was a textbook geek. Skin like the underside of a toad and mushy fat."

2."But once I Knew Rob's secret and I knew, knew what it does to a person-then I needed to patch a hole in him like he'd done for me."

3." Simon Glass is pretty much a stereotypical senior class loser; overweight, smart beyond comprehension, poorly dressed, nervous, and clumsy."

Shattering Glass - Official Trailer

"The pacing is superb and the story's twists are unexpected and disquieting."

-BOOKLIST, starred review

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