Teen Pregnancy

Babies Having Babies

3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. The United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the western industrialized world. In 2013, there were 26.6 births for every 1,000 adolescent females ages 15-19, or 274,641 babies born to females in this age group. Teenage mothers are less likely to finish high school and are more likely to live in poverty, depend on public assistance, and be in poor health than slightly older mothers.

Decrease Teen Pregnancy Rates by Using Contraceptives

1. There are about 15 different types of contraceptives which allow you to havesex without the risk of getting pregnant. These birth control methods include: condoms, the diaphragm, birth control pills, implants, IUDs (intrauterine devices), sterilization and the emergency contraceptive pill.

Contact Hotlines

American Pregnancy Helpline 866-942-6466

Planned Parenthood Counseling and referrals (800) 230-PLAN or (800) 230-7526