Arthropod: Wolf Spider

By: Melody Maneice

Scientific Name

Hogna aspersa is the original scientific name. Their higher classification name is Lycosidae

Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders tend to be about 1.18 inches. They have 2 eyes facing sideways, two eyes facing forward, with 4 eyes underneath. Female wolf spiders, unlike most other spiders, tend to care for their young. The females tend to live longer than the males do. The male wolf spiders usually only live for a few months, but female wolf spiders can live for several years.

Life Cycle

When a Wolf Spider's egg sac is ripped open by the mother, the children swarm their mother, clinging to her. Several days later, they drop and begin their independent lives alone. The wolf spiders can build a balloon like web on top of a plant and let it sail them somewhere, perhaps miles away from home. In several months, the spider will reach sexual maturity and produce offspring on its own.

Body Desription

Wolf spiders have 8 eyes, and have smaller legs. They have 8 legs and are usually brown, black, gray, but can change for camouflage. Wolf spiders can sometimes have an orangishMales tend to have

Nest and Habitat

Wolf spiders tend to build their nests in burrows underground. They often live in both coastal and inland habitats. The burrow is usually as big as the spider but has a pretty big diameter to allow the spider to turn around.

Eating Habits

Wolf spiders are carnivores and eat insects such as earwigs, ant, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, roaches, and other spiders. They are also hunting spiders and attack their prey like other hunting spiders.
20 Facts about Wolf Spiders

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