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Newsletter Week 10 Term 1 2023

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Term one started with reduced classes and I feel that the staff and children have now settled into the new normal. Although our class numbers remain very low, we have opted to employ a teacher aide to support the junior classroom each morning from Wednesday to Friday. In particular to support teaching across such a wide range of ages. We are delighted to welcome Gillian Odell to our staff. Gillian is a teacher and we are very fortunate to have her skills and expertise to support years 0-4.

Bridge Valley Camp in Wakefield has confirmed dates for our Year 4-8 students as 3rd - 5th May, in term 2.

We will have approximately 25 students going and require 4 parent helpers over the course of the camp. Ideally, parent helpers would be able to transport 4 students each.

Camp permission and information forms were sent out at the end of week 8. There are still a few permission forms that haven’t been returned. Please return these as soon as possible. Camp is in week 2 next term.

Planning for a Fun Day out for the Year 0-3 students is underway. Mrs Kumar is planning to take the children to Pollard Park for morning tea and lunch, then to the Stadium for swimming. This will be in the same week as Camp.

Our 2023 Family Ski Trip has been booked for Friday 28th July. This is a bit earlier than we normally ski so we hope the snow and weather are perfect!

There is a lot of clothing being left at school with the changeable weather. If possible, can you please name inside your children’s clothing so that we can return them? We have a bin of lost property if you wish to call in and help us find the owners of these items.

Finally, thank you all for supporting the staff on Thursday 16th March during the Nationwide Strike. Striking is not something any of the staff at WVS wished to happen and we hope that negotiations and agreement are swift.

Nga mihi

Karen O’Donnell


Teacher Message

Tena koe, whanau

It has been a busy Term trying to settle with different levels in the class. Everybody is trying to follow the routine and settling in, the tamariki are doing well.

Fundamental Skills - This took place at the start of term. It was fun and great learning took place. They got to taste how to play futsal, cricket, small ball skills, and fine motor skills too. The main aim was to play as a team and be resilient. They were resilient because it was scorching and the kids did not give up. They gave their best in all the activities, even the littlies.

Literacy - This year I am introducing structured literacy in the classroom with phonics first thing in the morning followed by Reading and Writing. The Year 1 students will bring home a few words and letters to practice, and the Year 2 students will also bring home words and books to read. The Year 3 and 4 students will bring a book home to read and words to practice. Parents, please help your children to learn their spelling and to read.

Numeracy - This term we focus on number work and I am introducing geometry in my class. We will be looking at rotation, reflection, transformation, and tesselation. Number work still will be practiced in various forms. Please continue to ask your child about their learning at school.

TRP - We are continuing to do “The Resilience Project”, all about gratitude, respect, empathy, and mindfulness. Do practice these with your child at home for their well-being.

Inquiry -This term is all about being safe and recognising hazards to prevent any harm. The students photographed pictures of potential hazards in the classroom and school and explained why it was a hazard. Tamariki identified hazards in the playground, bushes, etc. We discussed what could be done to be safe.

Meet the teacher - Parents please feel free to come and see me about your child’s learning and development or if you have any questions. I am in school every day till 4 pm. Wednesdays are not suitable as we have staff meetings. I would love to see you all make this year a success for tamariki with their learning.

Nga Mihi Nui



Kia Ora, Friends and Whānau

Recently in the Fishtail Room, we have been focusing on biographies. We picked a person that interests or inspires us. In exploration we have been learning about extreme weather events, and now we are producing Safety Management plans for families. For Maths we have been learning multiplication, division and financial literacy.

Have a read below of this piece of writing by Kodee Cook.

Ngā mihi

Kodee and Ari

Johnny Depp

On the 9th of June 1963, actor, Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro Kentucky United States. Depp had three siblings and lived with both parents Betty Sue Palmer and John Christopher Depp. Depp dropped out of Miramar highschool at 16 in 1976, to pursue his dream of becoming a Rock musician.

In 1984 Johnny Depp, released his first horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street playing the role of Glen Lantz,” the kid who gets eaten alive by his own bed”.It was a huge Box Office hit, the movie has made over $57 million US dollars.

While Depp was living in his hometown he frequently talked about his obsession for Pork, KFC and Mexican food. While Depp was acting in one of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movies he found British food wasn’t as good as he thought.

In 1999 Johnny Depp had his first child Lily-Rose Depp the daughter of Vanessa Paradis a French singer, actor and model. Lily-Rose Depp was born on the 27th of May 1999 in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France. She is a French-American Actress. In 2002 Johnny Depp had his second child, Jack Depp the son of Vanessa Paradis. Jack Depp was born on the 9th of april 2002 in Neuilly-Sur-Seine.

To this day Johnny Depp is one of the best actors out there, he plays in lots of famous movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.

Recently Johnny Deep has been in court for suing Amber Heard for reporting that he was abusive to her and announcing things that were not true. He has won $15 million dollars because he won the court case.

I hope that Johnny Depp makes another Pirates of the Caribbean movie so the fans can enjoy his movies again.

Biography by Kodee.


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Important Dates

First bell 8:50 a.m.

Finish time 2:45 p.m.

Last Day of Term 1 - 6 April

Teacher Only Day - 24 April

First Day of Term 2 2023 - 26 April


Please remember to call or message the school office if your child is sick.

Please inform the school if you are removing your child from class early.




Renwick Medical at Wairau Valley School – Wednesday mornings

We are here to support Wairau Valley every Wednesday morning and have a GP & nurse available to look after you. We are taking enrolments, call us on 03-5728838.

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