Who Influenced Macbeth To Kill?

My opinion on who influenced Macbeth's change.

Macbeth's downfall.

The biggest factor of his down fall was his wife. Lady Macbeth was constantly pressuring Macbeth to make the decision to murder the king. He faced the biggest pressure of being tempted by the person he trusted the most. She pushed him and pushed him till he broke. She said it would be for him but it was really just for her. First ''And we'll not fail'' (act 1 scene 7). Lady Macbeth gives encouragement that they will not fail or mess up. Next, "My hands are of your color''(act 2 scene 2). She is saying here that their in this together and gives him confidence of making wrong decisions. Finally, "This is the very painting of your fear"(act 3 scene 4). She finally tries to get him metal dan back to normal and tries to make him feel that killings okay.

Literary devices

  1. Imagery-''Is this a dagger I see before me,the handle toward my hand'' (act 2 scene 1). This shows imagery cause it shows what Macbeth sees in detail.
  2. Foreshadowing-''So all hail, Macbeth and Banquo''(act 1 scene 3). This is foreshadowing because the witches are telling and predicting the future.
  3. Irony-''Had i but died an hour before this chance. I had lived a blessed time''(Act 2 scene 3). Macbeth tries to make it humorous about his death.
High School Musical-We're all in this together lyrics

Were All In This Together by the High School Musical Cast

''Were all in this together'' was used because it talks about being able to do things together. Just like the Macbeth's it talks about being able to work together and be on top of the world when they do things together.
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Art Peice

I chose this peace of art for a few different reasons. First, the money shows Lady Macbeth's lust for the crown. ''To have the crowned withal''(act 1 scene 5). Lady Macbeth wants the crown or money so bad she has a crazy look in her eyes and she will do anything to get it. She will kill lie and manipulate her husband and this picture shows how bad she wants the money or crown and her eyes show she will do anything for it.