types of mining and fracking



Mining is a process that extract the natural minerals or materials from mines.

two types:surface and subsurface

Surface mining is to extract the resources in which soil and rock overlying the mineral deposit are removed.Rather than subsurface mining,it is safer and easier;it does more damage to the surface ecosystems;it creates more masses.

Subsurface mining is to extract the resources from underground,which forms the mineralized package of economic interest to the miner.Rather than surface mining,does less damage to surface ecosystems;more difficult and expensive to dig to extract;it is more dangerous,such as collapses,it is more frequent than surface mining.

Dangers of fracking

Fracking is a harmful process that drill and inject the fluid into the ground so that the shale rocks will fracture and then release natural gas inside.

With each fracture,it will lose 40,000 gallons of chemicals,1-8millions gallons of water and 400 tanker trucks and diesel fuel.

Besides a lot of losses of fractures,it will also cause these problems:nearby water will be contaminated by methane and toxic chemicals;open-air pits will release ozone and VOC's;most of fracturing fluid will be left in the ground and then cause sensory,respiratory and neurological damage.