What I did This Summer

This summer was the best, it was beautiful and exciting. I watched the world cup because I wanted to see many of the skillful players from all over the world. I was so excited because the world cup is played every four years, and this was the year. There was many inspiring players in the world cup, such as: Rooney, Dempsey, Ronaldo, Messi, Van Persie, Signstiger, and Gut’ze, the player that won the World Cup for Germany with the winning goal. That is only one of the many things I did this summer.

This summer I am going to go to Hershey Park. Hershey Park is incredible. I love the smell of chocolate in the air as I beg my mom to buy some for me. I also love the amusement park there, The first ride I want to go on is the bumper cars because I love the feeling of the bump when you crash into other people. I recommend people to go to Hershey Park, so they can spend quality time with their family. I also might go to Germany with my family. I am looking forward to going to Germany because I am going to see my cousin, I’ve never met her before. She is my age and she plays soccer for her club in her hometown. She is not as big as me, but she runs like the wind.

Summers are awesome because you don’t have to go school, you get to travel, do exciting things, but most of all you get to spend time with your family.