Godllywood Task

February 4 week


She had a husband that loved her ( but was anxious and discontent with her life )

She didn’t trust God

she was blind because she was not valuing what she had but was giving much more attention to what she didn’t have ( she was ungrateful and unfulfilled)

She was seeking for attention of men

She said, “With mighty wrestlings I have wrestled with my sister, and I have indeed prevailed” (Gen. 30:8). She named the child Naphtah, which means “wrestling.” She saw herself in a contest with her sister for first place in Jacob’s estimation.

she was envious and selfish

At the time of the wheat harvest Reuben went out and found some mandrake plants in a field and brought them to his mother Leah. Rachel said to Leah, “Give me some of your son’s mandrakes.” 15 But Leah replied, “Wasn’t it enough that you’ve taken away my husband? Would you take away my son’s mandrakes too?” “All right,” Rachel said, “he may sleep with you tonight in exchange for your son’s mandrakes.”

She was never completely happy with her life

The same spirit of discontent shows up again in her life. God finally did give her a son of her own, and now we expect her to be satisfied. But she named him Joseph, which means “may he add.” And she said, “May the Lord give me another son” (Gen. 30:24). More, more, more! Rachel was never completely happy with what she had.

That discontentment kept her from enjoying anything totally, and it kept others from enjoying her. It isolated her in loneliness. Then she died, leaving Jacob to the sister she envied so much in life. And even in death, she was alone. At Jacob’s request, they buried him next to Leah in the cave of Machpelah in Hebron beside Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Rebekah (Gen. 49:29-31; 50:13). Rachel lies alone.

She was discontent and it could not change as all she was thinking for a solution was to have more physical things we can never be fulfilled if we don’t understand that only God can fulfil us just like He did with Ana had has made a vow with him and was became fulfilled in all ares of her life.

I can see that it is very easy to be like Rachel by been anxious about something or then blind about some situations just like me this week that missed the most important meeting at my church but all I thought about was I will do a great thing I will buy a very nice gift for my friend because she deserves it :-( not being able to see my mistake! If Rachel could have only seen that she was loosing her time being so envious and running after things and trying to solved it her way she could had being much more happier just like Ana.

Time Task


After a very turbulent Saturday I went to the meeting in the morning and I prayed to God to removed from my head all the evil thoughts I was having towards my husband I was so upset and angry with him for not doing things in the way it should have don. After that prayer i noticed that I was no longer feeling like not to talking with him I noticed that on a revolt against the devil was there and I still went and spoke with Bishop about what happened I have never gone to complain about my husbands attitude before It was so hard to have to be talking about that situation also I was there talking about my wrong action of getting all emotional about the situation and mentioning words that should be not said. Bishop spoke with us and it helped both of us as I know I Did what I always said I would do if I saw my husband doing something that would go against God or the Church!


Got up prepared my self went to The office came back in the afternoon and had an appointment cooked and prepared things in the computer and went to sleep.


Got up prepared myself prepared and started to organise the house and things that my husband had asked for the special meeting in the evening. Finished to do things and went to Kilburn for Purim Feast.


I got up prepared went to the office came back went to the meeting and prepared my food for thursday meeting in a different way if before I was not thinking about my action this time I was thinking. I Had a pain in myself as for the first time my husband was asking me do we go to sleep in Plaistow and I said no :-( but is was really good for us to give more value to the opportunities that God gives us! So me and my husband went to sleep like it was not wednesday evening :-).


Pastors meeting In Plaistow lunch together with everyone and nice afternoon,nice talk with my Big Sis which ones more made me to remember that I need to continuo to pursue my a difference inside of me because good intentions are not enough to justify my wrong actions and I had to feel this pain myself as my husband made me to be so angry at him and after I spoke with him I remembered my Big Sis so angry with me trying to show me that I was completely wrong I could feel her pain and revolt I could put myself in her place.

27 Love Gestures

  1. Gave a scarf to a little girl in my church as she said she didn’t have one
  2. complemented my husband about his weight ( I found out he really liked it :-)
  3. I gave one of my jewellery to a Lady that has been making a difference in Godlywood challenge
  4. A offer a prayer for a friend on her birthday
  5. A special dessert for Pastor Bronson
  6. I preperded dinner for a couple of friends
  7. I went to pay a hospital visit to one of our oldest member, in November she was coming to church in the morning around 5:30 as she does almost everyday and she was crashed by a car she has been in the church since it open here my husband goes there every week but sometimes I can not go but i know it means a lot to her so I went to take the Lord super for her :-)
  8. send a message telling my sister how about how happy I am that she have found me :-0
  9. I shared with a friend all the good things I have learned that I though that could help her also.
  10. I am helping an assistant to loose weight
  11. I spoke
  12. I helped a friend to solve something’s
  13. I told my husband “today you can ask me anything and I will do it J with no excuses
14. Called my mum and gave attention to her

15.I made a prayer for one of my pledges for a urgent solution in her life.

16. I complemented as many people I could today.

17 .

18. Went to exercise with my husband, send encouraging messages to some people, spoke with one of my pledge, shared an idea with a friend.

19. I The daughter of a Pastor was waiting for him in my Church so I invited her to come to my house and prepared a snack to her and we stared to watch a movie together :-)

20- I bought to a friend what I would love to buy for me

21-I spoke with some Pastors Wives that usually I don’t speak.

22-I with some family members

23-Because I love my husband I will have to speak about something he did that is not right.

24-Prayed for my husband

25- 3 days fasting on behalf of the church

24-I said the truth to an assistant about her clothes in a nice way :-) if I love Gigod and her I have to care for her and say the truth to her was part of my love because I know sometimes no wants to help by saying some truths we are ashamed to Hear.

25- I make myself helpful to a friend

26-I speeded time talking with my husband

27-I spoke with my sister

28-I speeded time with my family :-)

Purim Feast

Our monthly meeting will be our PURIM FEAST... Colourful Decoration, biscuits from the time of Esther and the look of a one-colour dress and neutral shoes.

Personal Task

Each member of the group will have the personal task to buy at least 10 Nothing to Lose Books. Make a list with the names of whom you would like to give the books to and advertise the book launching in all your social network.

I got 23 books :-) I will send to friends and family in Brazil will donate for those who cannot buy one and the rest will go to a Youth group event which we are working on.