Hungry Letter Mouse

Fluency: Letter Recognition

Intended Grade Level:

- Kindergarten

- Could be further developed and adjusted for older grade levels


- RF.K.1d - Recognize and name all upper - and lowercase letters of the alphabet


- Students will be able to identify the selected upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet along with its sound.


- This work station will help students gain fluency with letter and sound recognition. This includes upper and lowercase letters.

How To Create It

- Get the lesson plan from the link above

- The lesson is adaptable to each class based on their academic ability and level



1) Put the alphabet strip in front of students

2) Place the counter over one letter and picture

3) Have students draw the letter (upper and lowercase) on their white board

4) Students will demonstrate the sound that belongs to that particular letter

5) If students wrote the letter correct, they can let the mouse eat the letter (erase the letter)

6) Repeat until the students go through the alphabet


1) Separate students into partners. Have students get into partners and do the work station. The students can time each other to increase fluency.

2) Add words. To further develop the work station, have students write a word that begins with the selected letter. This will help students start to see the relationship between letters and words.