Andrew Jackson:Hero or Zero

Jackson was a Cherokee hater

Worchester v. Georgia

This was a court case where Worchester was trying to fight the Indian Removal Act.He lost and Georgia won, but only at Jackson's defiance to the court. As a result the Indians had to walk the "Trail of Tears". They were also forced to live in barren, unfertile land in Oaklahoma.

"Trail of Tears"

The Cherokee were forced to walk from Georgia to Oaklahoma. Many people died and the conditions were horrible and in some cases the soldiers were cruel. And in the end, all they got was was barren, unfertile land in Oaklahoma. In this event 2,000+ people died.

Indian Removal Act

This was an act that took away Indian Ancestral lands.The land that they livedon was very good planting land. As a result, we tried to get the off of the land. Some fought, but most just complied.