Ugandan Instability

By Taylor Dellinger

The Struggle of a Country and Her People.

In the mid to late twentieth century, the people of Uganda were fighting for freedom. When they thought they were free, their "Savior" brought more pain and death down on them.

The Causes of the Constent Instability

The causes date back to to the Pre-Colonial times when the area that became Uganda was divided into four tribal kingdoms. The two most powerful of the kingdomes didn't get along very well. After the British gave Uganda full independence, the president that was elected was the Kabaka (King/Leader) of the largest kingdom and the Prime Minister, Milton Obote, was a member of the second largest kingdom. These two men did not get along at all. The Prime Minister Drove him out of the country after declareing he was trying to over throw the government. A Military Coup brought Idi Amin to power. 

The Solutions to the Instability

When a border disspute with Tanzania caused war, Ugandan rebels were able to over throw Idi Amins regim. After a military coup ended Milton Obotes second rule, the NRA( National Resistance Army), led by Yoweria Musevini( A former Marxist) ended the miitary rule and paved the road to peace.

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