World Geography Final Review

Abi Guerrero

Key Topics

  • The cold war still affects Europe because of the eastern Europe countries still have economic, political and cultural ties with Russia.
  • The UN was created to keep world peace, maintain grasp among members and to provide humanitarian aid.
  • The population shift in Europe after the EU formed was because people migrated to western Europe for employment and more industrialized countries.
  • Russia is hurting its people because every time they get made at the west and don't accept their goods, shortening food for people.
  • North Africa is different from the rest of Africa because of the sahara Desert dividing them.
  • Nelson Mandela lead the struggle to end apartheid.
  • Africa has poor economies not due to their abundance of natural resources, but due to their lack of infrastructure, money, education levels and their unstable political system.
  • The rapid spread of H1N1 flu and ebola is due the the increase of travel which spreads disease.
  • African tribes use traditional beliefs, government based on family ties and conflicts about land or territory.
  • The african influence in the Caribbean is because of the middle passage way used during slave trading.
  • Oil rich nations in the Middle East need to start relying on more things other than just oil. (diversify their economy)
  • Saudi Arabia is important to many people in the world because of its OIL and RELIGIOUS CITES.
  • The Middle east has adapted to its lack of fresh water by becoming the worlds leading desalinization technology. ( take out salt in salt water)
  • Most Chinese cities are located on the coast, east and/or on fertile land.
  • Always loom at the GDP of a country when analyzing it.