By: Aliyah Thor, 2nd Hr. "You ONLY have one body + one life"

"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison" - Ann Wigmore

About Dietitians

  • Help promote healthy eating
  • Change people's daily eating habits
  • Work 40 hours a week
  • Work at schools, hospitals, clients, community agencies, may teach at universities
  • Average of $43,090 a year
  • Help prevent illnesses and diseases
  • Good job outlook in next few years
  • Use computers to create special dietary programs
  • May need a license
  • Requires a Bachelors Degree; employers prefer people with a Masters

Pros and Cons

  • You get to help change people's lives - Telling and helping people how to stay fit, eat healthy foods and give them a daily diet or program to help them stop their bad daily eating habits

  • Use computers to plan diet programs, keep records and write menus - I like to use technology to keep records of all my plans and is easy to organize my materials

  • Work in clients, community agencies, schools, may teach at universities and work at hospitals - It'll be fun to travel to different places to work, work in different environments and with different people of all ages


  • Works weekends and holiday schedules - I would want to stay home on the holidays, and not worry about anything or do anything. And I'd just want to celebrate and be with family and friends

  • Requires a Bachelors or Masters Degree - I don't like going to school, so I wouldn't like going to school for four or seven years.

  • Takes extra steps to become a Registered Dietitian - You need to take a national exam, complete education courses throughout your career as a R.D. to maintain your registration. So if you don't have time or patience to complete these steps, a regular Dietitian is right for you

HS/College Courses

High School: (take courses to help meet your college entrance requirements)
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Statics and Probability


  • Bachelors Degree in a nutrition related program
  • Employers prefer to hire people with a Masters Degree
  • May need a license
  • Must pass a national exam to become registered
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Association Groups

1. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics -

Contact at (800) 877-1600

Visit at 120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000 Chicago, Illinois 60606-6995

2. International Confederation of Dietetic Associations -

Contact at (416) 596-0857

Visit at 480 University Avenue, Suite 604 Toronto, Ontario M5G 1V2 Canada

Job Advertisement

Looking to help change peoples bad, daily eating habits? Then become a Dietitian today! You must be able to work about 40 hours a week, and work unusual schedules, like the weekends and Holidays. You'll be promoting how to eat healthy and how take care of your body. You can help change peoples bad, daily eating habits by using computers to plan diet programs. Also using computers to help plan meals and keep records of all information. Traveling to different places to teach and help people, all different ages, like schools, hospitals, community agencies, clients and may teach at universities. Earning an average of $43,090 a year! This job requires a Bachelors Degree in a nutrition related program. You may need to be a Licensed Dietitian. You can become a Registered Dietitian by taking a national exam and completing school courses throughout your career of a Registered Dietitian to maintain your registration. Help change peoples lives now by calling 1-800BecomeADietitian!
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