VMBA Member Winter Update

The Association Had a Productive Year...

VMBA is very appreciative of the many people supporting mountain biking in Vermont. Through hundreds of volunteers at trail days, chapter events, our partners/sponsors and of course, the efforts of an incredible Board of Directors - VMBA has forged into new territory as an association. 2014 promises to be even better through continued advocacy efforts, chapter programs, and the best trails in New England. YOUR membership and support throughout the year makes it all possible. THANK YOU!

2013 Accomplishments

* 10-Year expansion plan with Forests Parks and Recreation was launched

* VMBA independently awarded $6,000 in trail grants

* VMBA sponsored our first trail clinic for chapters in June

* Advocacy efforts with Fish & WIldlife have been successful

* Significantly matured our relationship with the VT Dept. of Tourism

* Effectively promoted trail networks while respecting the wishes of chapters/landowners

* Established strategic alliances with other Vermont nonprofits

* Developed umbrella 501c3 status and insurance coverage for chapters

* Launched the first ever VMBA Membership campaign

* Provided members with exceptional benefits through the coupon book

* Revised the strategic plan and added board members

* Developed professional on-site display and branding/marketing materials

* Hosted an awesome festival at the Ascutney Trails! (July 11-13, 2014)

* Three new chapters were assisted in getting underway

* Developed a professional sponsorship program for companies to engage

VMBA is Making Real Progress

2013 was a year dedicated to developing solid administrative infrastructure and creating long-term partnerships. Together, we've accomplished a variety of important items. 2014 is going to be a year focused on ensuring we have the ability to proactively engage the trends impacting mountain biking in Vermont.

The future of mountian biking in Vermont is exceptionally bright. We are just beginning to learn the amazing potential of mountain biking tourism. This is a very good thing for all riders in Vermont; whether you ride mapped trails or not. VMBA is dedicated to protecting the balance between trail networks that can sustain heavy increases in traffic and those that should not be promoted.

Both VT Dept. of Tourism and Forests Parks and Recreation are invested partners that have shown an appreciation for the nuances of riding in Vermont while aggressively embracing the future. VMBA has established itself as an association able to take an active role in creating a sustainable future for land use, economic vitality for Vermont and healthy lifestyle opportunities. This is in no small part because of VMBA members without whom this work is not possible.

Beyond tourism, there are a number of exciting opportunities for riders in Vermont. Fat-biking is enjoying growth beyond what anyone would have thought just a few years ago. Awesome chapter events cover the entire summer for people looking for the best riding and camaraderie, and the VMBA festival will enjoy the splendor of Ascutney Trails once again this summer on July 11-13, MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Items to Look for in 2014

Here's a short list of other items to keep an eye out for in 2014:

* Beefed up member benefits... you're going to love them!

* A brand spankin new web site filled with awesome and frequently updated content

* The VMBA 2014 season "Events Pass" getting you access to events at a big discount

* New partnerships that VMBA members will be stoked about - downhill anyone?

* Another sweet raffle and give-a-ways

The association will be moving to a new web site platform, which will contain a new and improved membership platform customized for VMBA. You all will receive automatic updates and reminders as your membership comes to an end each year. Remember, VMBA membership is from April 1st to April 1st. Reminders will go out from the new platform beginning on March 1st.

Our Collective Goal for 2014

How many riders would say are in Vermont? The VMBA board and a few of our partners would guess there are over 12,000 people riding at least once a week in Vermont. Next, take a moment and guess how many riders are members of VMBA and/or chapters? If your guess was over 1850 you would be incorrect. Membership is the fuel that builds and repairs our trails each year, produces effective advocacy, promotes sponsorship, and increases opportunities to secure partnerships and grants. Clearly, there are many that understand a little support from every rider goes a long ways to developing a sweet riding scene. I'm preaching to the choir in a membership newsletter! However, VMBA needs the help of those loyal to the cause and who understand the process - that's you!

Our goal for membership in 2014 is 3000 members. An increase in membership at a price point that is much less than an alpine day pass, would afford VMBA the opportunity to significantly grow the trail grant and develop more trail for riders. VMBA's advocacy has provided the space and opportunity to build your new favorite trail - we simply need riders to share in the process.

THE CHALLENGE: This spring we all need to get at least one friend to become a VMBA member in 2014. Who's the person you'll get?

Need a Winter Tune Up?

Bicycle Express is offering a sweet winter tune up deal for VMBA members:

$10 off a level two tune up between today and March 15th. Be sure you have your VMBA member coupon book with you (this offer is NOT a coupon in the book - the coupon book itself simply shows you're a current member).

Winter Hours:

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Saturday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

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