Mega Mouth Sharks!

(Megachasma pelagios) By Michael Marengo

Where does it live?

The megamouth lives in the pacific and Indian ocean.

They are rarely seen and have only recently been considered a species of shark (in the last 30 years)

First one was Spotted in Hawaii

Lives deep in the ocean


Since the Megamouth shark is so rare to be seen, there is not enough research to really understand their behavior.

Only 54 of them have been reported to be seen. Only 3 captured on film.

Haven't been reported to attack humans

What does it eat?

Megamouths are filter feeders

They have unique jaws and gills for it.

The water and anything in it is taken into the mouth. Then it is filtered out by grates around the gills. They water is pushed back out with the various debris found in it consumed.

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Fun Facts??

There isn’t very many pictures of the megamouth shark though so being able

to readily identify other characteristics of it are very difficult.

They have a small dorsal fin and a slightly tipped tail though to help with balance as they move in the water.

They are believed to be brownish in color.

are believed to be from 13 to 16 feet in length. They are also believed to get up to 2,700 pounds.

weren’t discovered until 1975 when a navy ship accidentally found one caught up in their anchor.