Frank Lloyd Wright

By Kieran Colston

Who is He?

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT (1867-1959) was one of the most prolific and influential architects of the 20th century. From his early Prairie Style homes, to the sculptural curves of the Guggenheim Museum in New York he defined a North American style of architecture which was rich in emotion and sensitive to its surroundings.

What did he do in his career?

It is to his credit that most of his clients were extremely pleased with the homes Wright built. One of his less published achievements was his mastery of the internal environment, with great attention paid to lighting, heating and climate control. The Prairie Style aimed to create a truly North American architecture, but Wright also drew inspiration from Europe.

did he do any special buils?

Wright was also asked to build the 1905 Unity Temple, a place of worship for the Universalist Church in Oak Park. Coming from a long tradition of Universalists, he accepted the commission on a very slim budget of $45,000. Due to these financial constraints Wright built for the first time with poured concrete. A square two-storey space housed the temple of worship and behind it was a rectangular parish meeting house for socialising. The temple of worship had to seat 400 people yet Wright still managed to create an intimate space. To enhance the visual drama, these two structures were connected by a modest entrance with low ceiling. The roof of the building was supported by the four square masses in the room, the poured concrete walls therefore became as screens with glass windows above.