Swish Maker Pro


What is it?

The Swish Maker Pro is a two small devices that will track the ball down and pass the ball back to the location you are at. The athlete will be able to move around and got where they want, the device will find them. It stops balls from rolling away and makes good passes every time.


  • Two small devices that are about 2 inches. One goes under the back of the rim and the other clips onto your clothing.
  • There are buttons on the device that goes on the rim to program how fast you want your rebound.
  • There is also power buttons on both devices.
  • The Swish Maker Pro is very light and not big.
  • They come in different colors (blue, pink, black, white, green, red, and purple)
  • They are mad out of very durable materials.


The price of the Swish Maker Pro will be $325.99 and comes with the batteries need to get the device up and running and there will be a few extra batteries also.

Dates Available

It is now available to all starting June 2, 2064!


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