4th Graders to start Recorders

Helpful Info about Recorders

Recorders Are on The Way!

The fourth grade students are very excited to begin playing their recorders. We will begin playing recorders next week. As we start our study of the instrument, we learn how to make a soft and gentle sound when we play and how to use our tongue to articulate (separate) the notes. We also begin by learning the fingerings for the notes B, A, and G.

Your son or daughter will have the option to bring their recorder home with them beginning with next week's music class. Please make sure they keep their recorder in the backpack, so they have it when we have music class.

We will talk in music class about the following procedures with recorders:

· At school, recorders will only be played in the music room.

· Playing the recorder while walking or riding in a car is unsafe, so be sure that your recorder is in your backpack on your way to and from school.

I encourage you to talk with your child about where and when is a good time to play the recorder at home. Please know that sometimes the pitch of the recorder can irritate household pets. Also, students should play with a pleasing sound, so don’t let them get away with any “hurricane breath” at home. Also, please be sure to check that they are using their left hand on top.

I suggest that students practice for short periods of time (5-10 minutes). For the most part, we will be able to accomplish what we need in music class, but at home practice never hurts. We will begin with learning how to play simple songs over the next few weeks. Once we begin reading melodies, I will send home a packet of music from which they may play.

-Cody Talarico, Fairview Music Teacher