The United Kingdom

By Kaylee French and Caitlyn McBroom

Importent facts about the United Kingdom

* Bordering countries

Ierland, France, Germany, Norway, and Iceland.

* Highest elavation

Ben Nevis in Scotland at 4409 feet tall.

* Natural Resourses

Coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, lead, zink, gold, tin, limestone, salt, clay, chalk, gypsum, potash, silica sand, slate, and arable land.

*Main Products To Sell

cattal, sheep, fish,oilseed, potatos, and vedgies.

*Intresting places to visit

Big Ben, London Eye, and Westminster Abbey

You Should Visit

A fact about Big Ben is that the tower its self is not Big Ben, its the massive bell inside.

in 1834 the house of parlment decided to add a clock tower when the palace of Wensford burn down in a fire.

Big Ben first chimed in its place on 31 May 1859.

you should visit

* The compleat turn of the London Eye takes 30 minutes.

* Make sure to get tickets in advance because lines are very long.

*Less crowed at night