Changing Roles Of Women

"A daily life as a women, nothing was the way we wanted it,"

What women did at home-

Early middle class women got to be home and help the business if they wanted. if they were at home they typically got to raise there children, do house work and or direct sevents. Higher class women got to do almost the same thing. Lower class women had to work. They made low wages, most likey worked in a factory and after a long day of work they went home to tend to there childern and clothe, bathe, cook for there family.


Factory workers hired women because they thought it would be better and they would pick up the material better. But they worked very hard and got paid half of what the men made. They also had to work 12 hours from home and still go home and do house work. The women couldnt call in sick or go home because they didnt feel good they had to cope with it.

Voting and fighting for what they want-

Women started campaigning for fairness in marriages, divorce, property, and where they wanted to move. They could've even vote for what they wanted! But they finally could do things that men could do. For example they got to be trained as doctors, lawyers and inventors in the late 1800`s. But they struggled with political rights and critics said "they are to emotional."


history book, plackers and notes from in class