First They Killed My Father

by Loung Ung

How to access the audiobook

Go to


Password: student2013

Once Logged in, click on the “My Books” tab in the top left corner.

You will see First They Killed My Father under current books

Click on Continue listening and it will bring up the sound player

**You will have to drag the sliding bar to the time where you left off reading last. MAKE SURE TO WRITE DOWN THE TIME (in bottom right corner) after stopping each time so you can return to that spot later.

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Why can't I get audio books to play on my computer?

It could be a number of reasons. First, make sure you're using an internet browser that supports our service. is compatible with Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 16.0 & Safari 6.0.


Please contact Tech Support at 1-877-609-5110 option 1 if the audio player is not working properly on your computer after you have tried using Firefox

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