Nathan Patrick Pramik

Nathan Patrick Pramik: The Power of Practice

Nathan Patrick Pramik

Those who know Nathan Patrick Pramik know quite well just how committed he is to his belief in practice. As an award-winning commercial professional and a top-ranked amateur triathlete, Nathan Patrick Pramik is committed, mind and body, to the power of practice. Pramik believes that great accomplishments can only follow the successful completion of careful, dedicated, and committed practice routines. Whether he has a big pitch coming up or a big meet, Nathan Patrick Pramik practices to ensure success!

Nathan Patrick Pramik: Is Real Estate The Right Career for You?

Real estate can be a fulfilling career with overwhelming prosperity. Although the job is equipped with many advantages, it is not for everyone. Nathan Patrick Pramik is a leading real estate professional from Atlanta, Georgia. With over fourteen years of experience working in the field, Nathan Patrick Pramik is aware of the characteristics that top real estate professionals possess. Here Nathan Patrick Pramik helps answer the question, “Is real estate the right career for me?”

· Do you have strong communication skills? Nathan Patrick Pramik notes that leading real estate professionals are strong communicators. The job will require you to consult with various clients, and it is important that you can effectively form a connection with them.

· Are you motivated to succeed? Nathan Patrick Pramik states the real estate professionals must find their own work, so it is exceedingly important that they are self-motivated. If you are an individual who is driven to thrive in your career, real estate could be a great option for you.

· Can you build rapport with strangers quickly? Nathan Patrick Pramik believes the best real estate professionals can quickly establish trust with their clients. Purchasing real estate is a huge decision, and it is important that buyers can quickly form a connection with you.

Are you willing to invest time and effort to gain income later? Nathan Patrick Pramik notes that succeeding in real estate takes a significant amount of work. You will have to invest a lot of time and effort before receiving any sort of payout. However, if you are willing to invest the time—the income will come!

Ironman Training Tips: Nathan Patrick Pramik

An Ironman triathlon is the ultimate test of any athlete’s endurance. The 140.6-mile course is broken down into 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking, and 26.2 miles of running. These difficult events have only been completed by less than .0001% of the world’s population. Nathan Patrick Pramik is an athlete who has conquered various Ironman events and was listed as one of the top amateur athletes in the United States.

Although these events are exceedingly difficult, Nathan Patrick Pramik believes anyone can do it with hard work and motivation. Here Nathan Patrick Pramik provides useful training tips for those who desire to embark on this 140.6-mile journey.

· It takes time. Nathan Patrick Pramik notes that Ironman challenges are physically taxing, and it is important to be prepared. In general, Nathan Patrick Pramik believes that participants should set aside a year for training before competing in a race. The average triathlete trains for 18 to 30 hours per week on average—so you must be wiling to commit a lot of your spare time to conditioning your body.

· Focus on your weakness. Nathan Patrick Pramik recommends that aspiring triathletes focus on their weakness during training. Since the race consists of running, swimming, and biking, it is important to invest extra training time to the areas you struggle with.

Don’t over-train. Although it may seem like you cannot train enough in preparation for an Ironman— Nathan Patrick Pramik warns that is not the case! It is important to listen to your body and rest when you feel fatigued. Nathan Patrick Pramik notes that failure to do so could result in serious injury or illness.

Nathan Patrick Pramik is a Principal with TPA Group

Our extensive relationships and fluency in real estate and capital markets ensure we have the information necessary to make timely and informed decisions. Pairing this proven ability to anticipate critical market trends with a disciplined methodical approach enables us to consistently find and seize new opportunities and deliver consistent profitable outcomes.

Founded in 2013 with the combination of two of Atlanta’s most respected real estate firms, TPA Group is a private real estate investment, acquisitions, and development firm whose principals have successfully managed the investment acquisition and development of deals totaling 25 million square feet of space and 27,000 acres of land.

As an operating or investment partner, you are assured of a relationship-focused team that demonstrates the highest standard of diligence, integrity, and execution. We tackle each opportunity with deliberate thought and an acute sense of urgency – never content to wait for the market but instead making the market. Nathan Patrick Pramik, at TPA Group, has led transactions totaling over 16 million square feet in 14 years. In addition to that, he has been involved in the acquisition and sale of over 2,500 acres of commercial land.

TPA Group is market focused team of industry experts driven to find and capitalize on opportunities to create value. With the right balance of skills, discernment, and confidence, we are adept at finding creative solutions to unlock value from complexity. Our entire team shares an intense focus on professionalism, achievement, and service. Nathan Patrick Pramik has been involved in acquisitions, dispositions, investment sales, structuring of joint ventures, and debt and equity placement.

Sports Taught Nathan Patrick Pramik Many Lessons

Sports play an important role in millions of lives across the country and the world. Without sports, young children and men and women would not have an outlet for competitive energy. Sport helps people feel connected to other people in a way greater than just communication. Sports also teach people many lessons that they carry with them throughout their lives.

Nathan Patrick Pramik has been an athlete for as long as he can remember. Growing up he played a variety of sports. There wasn't an activity that he wasn't interested in. Basketball, golf, soccer, cross-country, and many more took up his time on weeknights and weekends. He played on a lot of sports teams at his local high school and was a numerous sport All-State Athlete. This eventually led to his participation in a top division I school in college.

While at college, Nathan Patrick Pramik participated mostly in endurance sports like cross-country running. He received numerous All-American Honors from USAT for his triathlon success. In fact, once he began to devote himself entirely to triathlon competitions, Nathan Patrick Pramik became one of the top amateur triathletes in the entire country.

Throughout his life, sports taught him many lessons that help him be successful in life and in his professional career in commercial real estate. He learned the power that commitment and dedication has in overcoming difficult challenges. Furthermore, sports taught him the importance of maintaining your health and keeping a focused mind.

Sports also taught Nathan Patrick Pramik to be self-confident. The many successes and failure one experiences through sport are a great way to build your self-confidence and learn that failure is an opportunity, not a loss. This lesson has helped Nathan Patrick Pramik a great deal through her personal and professional life. Without understanding that failure is a part of success, many people become distracted or discouraged to continue in something they have experienced failure in.

Nathan Patrick Pramik Is a Successful Athlete and Real Estate Professional

A big problem with some professionals in the US is the fact that they sacrifice their health for their career. Long work hours and demands of family life make it difficult for them to exercise like they know they should be. This is unfortunate because as they get older, their health will decline faster and their quality of life will be reduced. Nathan Patrick Pramik refuses to allow this to happen to himself, and he hopes other people will as well.

How does Nathan Patrick Pramik stay fit while also working as a commercial real estate professional? Triathlons. These monstrous athletic events are not for the weak of heart. Triathletes must prepare and train for months and months in advance. In fact, they are some of the best athletes on the planet. The degree of difficulty and the endurance necessary to complete a triathlon attracts only the finest athletes.

Nathan Patrick Pramik is one of the top amateur triathletes in the country. He makes time outside of work to prepare and train for the triathlons he attends throughout the year. If he couldn't exercise and prepare, Nathan Patrick Pramik thinks he would go crazy after a month of no exercise. Staying fit keeps him happy and healthy.

The triathlons and the training he does for them also helps in his professional real estate career. He is able to transfer the discipline he relies on for triathlon preparation into his commercial real estate career. He knows that hard work pays off and persistence has helped him close hundreds of deals over the years.

Most of the time, Nathan Patrick Pramik considers himself a real estate professional first and a triathlete second. Rising at 4:00 am to get his day started, he makes time for both. Lucky for him he loves both training and competing in triathlons and it provides a great balance to his professional life.

Professionalism a Priority for Nathan Patrick Pramik

There are a great many virtues and traits that people should develop to be successful in life and in business. Many people these days criticize the younger generations for not developing professionalism, honor, honesty, and many other virtues. Still, there are plenty of people out there who lead virtuous lives and take traits like professionalism seriously. Nathan Patrick Pramik is one of those people.

For Nathan Patrick Pramik, working in the real estate field has meant that he must always be aware of how others perceive his self and his business. This means that professionalism is an important trait for him to develop. A part of professionalism is how one takes care of oneself and how they appear to others. Nathan Patrick Pramik makes sure to always be presentable. Additionally, he is a triathlete and takes his health seriously. Clients and customers enjoy being around someone they can sense to be healthy, fit, and communicative.

But another part of professionalism is the way Nathan Patrick Pramik deals with clients, investors, and the competition. Professionalism means never letting your personal preferences or issues get in the way of the job. Nathan Patrick Pramik puts his clients first at all times and strives to ensure they have as pleasant of an experience working with him as is possible. It pays off for Nathan Patrick Pramik to do this because he has gained a strong reputation in the area of being an honest professional focused on integrity in the real estate market.

When businessmen or real estate agents fail to uphold basic standards of professionalism, they not only hurt themselves but they also hurt the fields they work in. Nathan Patrick Pramik does his best to make sure his example is noticed by other people in his field. He hopes to be able to encourage others to take professionalism to the next level.

Nathan Patrick Pramik Works in Commercial Real Estate

There are a wide variety of fields a person can find himself working in throughout their life. Some people go through ten to twenty different jobs and never really settle into anything for long periods of time. Other people are perfectly happy to stick with one career their entire lives. For Nathan Patrick Pramik, he has been working in real estate for over 14 years.

Nathan Patrick Pramik considers himself lucky to have found a field that he loves working within. From the first time he sealed a real estate deal, he knew that he was going to be working in real estate for a long time. He loves the fact that he can work with clients and other people throughout the day. Nathan Patrick Pramik can't imagine being stuck in an office building cubicle and never getting fresh air or talking with new people throughout the day.

Nathan Patrick Pramik focuses primarily on commercial real estate. He has been very successful in this field and he is based out of the Atlanta, Georgia area. Since starting in commercial real estate over fourteen years ago, Nathan Patrick Pramik has managed to lead transactions totaling over sixteen million square feet – an impressive feat for any real estate professional.

Nathan Patrick Pramik doesn't see himself leaving the real estate field any time soon. He truly enjoys the work he has. He is a principal with TPA Group. This company is one the most leading investment and property development companies in the Southeast United States. Nathan Patrick Pramik is bringing all of his expertise and knowledge to the forefront with this company and he believes it will be a resounding success. TPA Group’s key principals have over 150 years of combined experience and an outstanding track record of creating value for themselves and their investors.

Nathan Patrick Pramik Loves Triathlons

Sport has been an important part of many peoples' lives for as long as man has participated in sport. Just because we now have the internet and computers to entertain us doesn't mean that people are giving up sport to enjoy technology. For millions of people around the world sport is just as important as it ever was.

Nathan Patrick Pramik has always been someone engaged in sports throughout his life. He was encouraged from an early age to play sports and to attempt to excel at every activity he engaged in. Nathan Patrick Pramik eventually settled on endurance sports like cross country and long-distance track events. For him, the long grind of an endurance event helped him feel alive and happy.

Part of the attraction for endurance events like triathlons is the commitment required. Nathan Patrick Pramik has always been a person to go after long-term goals and to be able to keep his eye on the prize. This is a necessary personality trait for someone willing to subject their bodies to the torture of a triathlon. These races and events are not for malnourished or weak athletes. They require a long-term plan and the dedication to follow through with those plans.

One of Nathan Patrick Pramik's favorite races is the Ironman triathlon held annually in Kona, Hawaii. This event brings together an awesome variety of potential runners that fit his model of life. At Ironman, Nathan Patrick Pramik has been able to prove himself as one of the most skilled and decorated moderators in regards to this issue.

Lastly, triathlons are excellent for Nathan Patrick Pramik for a variety of reasons. They help him eat healthier and they also help the country get better from the work of others. Ultimately, Nathan Patrick Pramik wants to share as much triathlon knowledge as he can in hopes of spreading the demand for the sport and the work that goes into these sort of undertakings.

Nathan Patrick Pramik on Real Estate Awards

“A trophy is a signifier of greatness, but is not greatness itself.” So goes a reminder that athletes of all ages and skill levels hear from their coaches and trainers. Awards are meant to honor recipients, but they certainly won’t de jure provide for the next victory.

As a former Division I College Athlete and now a top amateur triathlete in his mid-30s, Nathan Patrick Pramik knows as well as anyone that a trophy is only symbolic of the past – never the future. Pramik doesn’t consider awards, plaques, and trophies to be incentive enough for greatness. He works hard to attain his accomplishments (personal and professional) because he knows no other way of going about it. In everything he does, Nathan Patrick Pramik gives 110%.

Over the last 14 years, Nathan Patrick Pramik has been a commercial real estate investor and broker with Resource Real Estate Partners. He’s been an active member of the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors and successfully led over 15 million square feet-worth of transactions.

Over the last 12 years, Nathan Patrick Pramik has received numerous Top Producing Commercial Real Estate Broker Awards from the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors. While he appreciates the real estate awards with his name, he doesn’t attach too much importance to past accomplishments. Rather, Nathan Patrick Pramik leverages them as a source of inspiration for future accomplishments.

If you want to learn how to win awards in your industry, Nathan Patrick Pramik has the following advice:

· Counterintuitive though it may be, don’t actively try to win awards. Rather, do your best. The right organizations will recognize greatness.

· Talk to those who have already accomplished what you want to accomplish. Learn the secret of their success, and practice it actively in your own professional life.

· Once you win an award, forget about it, and start thinking about tomorrow!

Nathan Patrick Pramik: Benefit of Being a Well-Rounded Business Person

Over the last 100+ years, life has become compartmentalized. It happened well before Henry Ford, though Ford was the one to perfect it with his developments in the assembly line. As a commercial realtor, Nathan Patrick Pramik doesn’t have any real relationship to assembly lines or systematic subdivision. On the contrary, Pramik is one of many investors who believes that true success requires the ability to do a little bit of everything one’s self.

While many industries are expressing a desire to segment and compartmentalize processes, Nathan Patrick Pramik and his industry want to emphasize the significance of being well rounded. Pramik believes that by being able to successfully perform in all aspects of the commercial real estate market he can be of better service to his partners and investors.

Over the last 14 years, Nathan Patrick Pramik has developed skills and experience in the commercial real estate industry, leading transactions that total over 16 million square feet and 2,500 acres of industrial and office land.

Pramik’s work has included dispositions/investment sales, acquisitions, leasing, and development. His experience in the commercial real estate market has covered virtually every facet of the transaction, beginning with the identification of market opportunity. Nathan Patrick Pramik is constantly on the lookout for new properties that will be hitting his market.

Nathan Patrick Pramik also has a tremendous amount of experience in analyzing real estate capital markets, advising institutional and private investors, and working through equity placement and structuring of joint ventures. He also works in debt placement, marking trends, and executing buying and sales strategies on a day-to-day basis.

So, the question Nathan Patrick Pramik has for you, is why are you allowing your career to be compartmentalized? Take advantage of the knowledge that surrounds you, and look into ways you can further your career and experience throughout 2013.

Nathan Patrick Pramik – Success As U.S. Amateur Triathlete

By all accounts, the triathlon is one of the most grueling – and admired – athletic events in the history of the world. Triathlon success requires incredible levels of physical, mental, and emotional strength. Many talented athletes like Nathan Patrick Pramik compete in triathlons on an annual or bi-annual basis.

However, Nathan Patrick Pramik isn’t a full-time athlete. He doesn’t have corporate sponsorships or his own dedicated, personal trainer. In fact, Pramik is a full-time commercial real estate investor in Atlanta, Georgia. The bulk of his time isn’t spent running, swimming, and biking, but selling, acquiring, and developing properties.

Nevertheless, Nathan Patrick Pramik has enjoyed tremendous success as an amateur U.S. triathlete. He is the proud recipient of numerous USAT (USA Triathlon) All-American Awards. Interested in learning more about the various types of triathlons? Let Nathan Patrick Pramik break the types of events down for you:

· Sprint Distance: In this type of triathlon, participants swim 750 meters, bike 20 kilometers, and run 5 kilometers.

· Intermediate/Standard Distance: This type of triathlon is the standard (also referred to as “Olympic Distance”). Nathan Patrick Pramik enjoys this event, in which participants swim 1.5 kilometers, bike 40 kilometers, and run 10 kilometers.

· Long Course: In this event, athletes swim 1.9 kilometers, bike 90 kilometers, and run 21.1 kilometers (a half-marathon).

· Ultra Distance: This version of the triathlon is considered by many, including Nathan Patrick Pramik, to be one of – if not the – most challenging athletic events in the world. Participants swim 3.9 kilometers, bike 180 kilometers, and then run a full marathon (42.2 kilometers).

At the age of 37, Nathan Patrick Pramik is still as dedicated as ever to athletic excellence. Nathan Patrick Pramik looks forward to running more endurance races and becoming a more accomplished triathlete in the future years.