College Athletes Getting Paid

Good or Bad Idea?

Who Should Really Get Paid?

A Few Reasons Why Not

Do college athletes deserve to get paid? With all that is done for college athletes I believe they shouldn't get paid. Athletes have their education to focus on which most don't even have to pay for. Paying players would also throw competition out of order. A big question that comes up is "Who Should Get Paid." If athletes were to get paid the bigger sports and players would probably get paid and some schools don't have the money to do that so smaller sports would have to be cut from the schools athletic program.
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Who Should Get the $$$

So back to the big question " Who Should Get Paid." At the case of Northwestern University it depends on whose side you are on. The women's lacrosse team has had the most success recently bringing in six national titles in the past seven years. So here is where you have to make up your mind the football team brings in more money for the school though. Pay the more successful team or pay the team people are paying to see.

Thrown Off Track

With students receiving pay the battle for the national championship and recruiting process would change and not be the same. Players would go to where they can earn the most money. This would be to a college in the power conferences because they are your bigger schools. Players would no longer play for the love of the game or their pride. That's a part that people love about college sports.
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Not a Cash Cow

Lots of people think that college athletic programs are money making machines, but there not. Some colleges make profit, break even, or don't make money. “... schools that didn’t profit from their athletic programs, the average loss was $7.8 million a year.” So paying athletes would make schools lose or have less money. Some programs would have to be cut. “...depriving many more students of the chance to play sports.”
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