From Milk to Ice Cream

by: Josie Chan & Tashdeed Khan 8A

Main Ingredients

  • Sugar
  • cream
  • modified milk ingredients


While the sugar is being refined, the natural sugar that was stored in the sugar cane is separated from the plant material. Sugar isn't bleached during the refining process. It contains no colourings, additives, or artificial preservatives. It is then added to the machine along with the cream, modified milk ingredients, and the other ingredients in the process.


Cream is a thick white or yellow fatty liquid which is usually found on the top layer of milk when it is left to stand after several minutes. This cream is produced naturally at the COR Dairy Factory.

Modified Milk Ingredients

The modified milk ingredients along with all the other dairy ingredients were produced at the COR Dairy factory. Milk in Canada is gathered, pasteurized, and fortified according to strict rules. With the exception of butter, people would think that these controls would be used on other dairy products, but that isn’t what happens. What really happens to the milk is that it is interfered with components of itself that has been removed from their natural form. By using imported modified milk ingredients, it is cheaper for manufacturers to make dairy products than use Canadian milk.

The Process

  1. At the Chapman's Factory there are thousands of mixers for the variety of flavours that are produced. So, when the ingredients reach the factory, they are unloaded and poured into each of the mixers. The three main ingredients (mentioned above) are the base mixes for all of Chapman's Ice Cream.
  2. After the main ingredients are mixed along with the unique flavourings, they are then moved to the deep freezers, where they are frozen at the temperature of -34ºC.
  3. Afterwards, the ice creams are filled into their specified buckets.
  4. Finally, the Chapman's Ice Cream is ready to be transported to supermarkets and consumed.


After the ingredients/products are prepared at the COR Factory, they are then transported to the Chapman's Ice Cream Factory in Markdale, Ontario by the company's truck service.

When the ice creams are prepared at the Chapman's factory, they are then transported to supermarkets by Chapman's trucks all over Canada.

Eaten and Disposed

Since Chapman's Ice Cream is only sold in Canada, they are consumed by many Canadians across the country of all ages.

For disposal, Chapman's Ice Cream buckets are fully recyclable and if not disposed properly, it can harm the environment and its ecosystem.