December's Theme:


You may know that each month at Highland we have a theme that addresses social/emotional learning. We would like parents to join us in working with our students to practice the behaviors that exhibit these themes every month. November's theme is Hero/Protector. In our monthly assembly, we talked about what behaviors a hero or protector uses to help others: gets help when needed, plays with students who look like they don't have a friend to play with, uses words to solve problems between students, etc.

December's theme is Kindness/Friendliness. At our December assembly we will talk about behaviors students can use to be kind to others at school, at home, and in the community. We are asking that you talk about these themes and behaviors with your children at home, as well as recognize/identify behaviors these behaviors when your child uses them at home. When both home and school work together to give children a consistent message, students develop a strong understanding of what is expected and are much more confident!


Recently, we sent a small "poster" home that outlines our CHAMPS framework. The CHAMPS expectations are posted throughout Highland and may change depending on the learning activity. For example, students can use a voice level of 4 out on the playground, but need to use a 0 when walking through the hallways. Working on a math assignment with a partner might be a voice level of 2, but giving a presentation to the class might be a 3. Our hope is that you keep this small poster visible at home and use it when working with your children or talk with them about the CHAMPS expectations throughout the school building.