Mrs. Forbes First Grade

Spring News 2016

April/May News

I hope everyone enjoyed their April vacation. We are all excited about our upcoming field trip to the Wheelock Family Theatre in Boston next Wednesday May 4th, to see the production of A Year with Frog and Toad. Please remember to pack a lunch for your child as the cafeteria will be closed when we return to the school. A handful of parents have expressed an interest in chaperoning our trip. I will be choosing the 2 chaperones names by the end of the week.


Our new Reading Street theme is entitled What do we treasure? Our next six stories will revolve around "treasures". We will read in our Reading Street anthology about how stories can be a treasure, special places in our country that we treasure, and how items can be a treasure. Next week students will be asked to bring in an item that they treasure. Each student will share it with the class and then write about why they treasure it. The item can be a special stuffed animal, baseball, piece of jewelry etc. Look for a note next week about this upcoming activity.


Each week during phonics centers we play games that reinforce phonics skills that we have learned. This week we are learning the vowel pair, ay and ai and how they both make the long a sound like in hay and rain. Next week we will learn the vowel digraph ea like in beach and dream; as well as other vowel digraphs ow and oa that make the sound of long o as in snow and boat. We love using the the newly issued school ipads during phonics time!!


We recently completed a unit on balancing equations 9+1=8+2. We also compared numbers using the greater than and less than symbols. We are currently working on fractions. In first grade we learn about equal parts, whole, 1/2 and 1/4. We continue to practice our number facts to 20 each day with drills.

Science/ The study of liquids

We are studying rocks , gravel, pebbles, minerals, sand and silt in science. We will be learning about the various types of rocks, what rocks can be used for, and the smallest type of rock called silt. We will be completing many hands on observations with our rock kits.

Social Studies

In April we have been studying Earth Day and in May we will be learning about The Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo and the reasons we celebrate Memorial Day.