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In my opinion I always thought media was just a means of society and people, but it’s actually a lot more than that because people are media literates, or basically society is. Media literacy is the ability to understand how mass media work, how they produce meanings, how they are organized, and how to use them wisely. It’s a way of life how people’s morals and beliefs are brought into society and build this founding upon it. Some may agree some my protest about it. But it all starts will an idea and motivation to pursue that thought. The crazy thing is that most people don’t believe in it that much so they keep quiet. Media bring the world into our homes. From them, we learn about war and peace, the environment, new scientific discoveries, and so on. We are dependent upon mass communication for knowing what is going on in our physical, social, economic, and political environments. We also rely on media for entertainment and pleasure. Television and film have become the storytellers of our generation; these stories tell us about who we are, what we believe, and what we want to be. The impact on mass media though has shaped our visions of ourselves. But in other ways, allowing the mass media to shape our images of ourselves is dangerous because the media must follow conventions that are often out-of-sync with real life. The purpose of media literacy is to empower young people to understand the mass media and how it works so that they can be in control of this important aspect of their own lives.

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Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt 2014 Super Bowl commercial The Spill

My Precis Commercial

Dannon Oikes a very admirable man and gorgeous person who is loved by women, in the commercial(2014) for Greek yogurt. Implies that Greek yogurt isn’t just a great desert that’s low fat in calories but makes you into beautiful women that can get you Dannon. He supports this thesis when this woman is eating a yogurt but Dannon wants some and they make it seem like a desirable connection because of the yogurt while she’s feeding him. In order to pull this message off you would need two very attractive people that can act and make it seem that they can love each other. The purpose of this was mainly to grab women who want to lose weight and desire men like Dannon.

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Satire essay- Dad sues school for over prized lunch

BIll Gates school reporter

Wednesday May 16, 2014

Collins Hill High school, there was a young high school-er student name Alex George started his day regular until he went to lunch that day. When he went to the lunch line to get his food, most lunches come with milk, two sides, and the main meal which only cost 2.25. He noticed that all the lines werent full they were empty. So he was all happy went to the front of the line and when he went to the register the lady denied him his lunch, and he thought oh my dad forgot to pay today. The real issue was more than 2/3 of the students did not each lunch because of the new school lunch policy. Which changed that week on monday that made school lunches to 2.75.

When Alex told his parents what happend at school Mr. George was outraged " my son was always getting a crappy meal that was enough to satisfy him for 2.25 now he has to pay double the amount for the same garbage, you raised the prices to much" they were so mad they decided to make this a case in court

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I chose this song because it represents the corrupt dystopian society that they lived in and the struggles they went through and that there is no freedom or anywhere to hide. 1984 Is all about the corrupt dystopian society. The song talks about how you live as a fugitive and that there are spies everywhere and after them watching them from every corner. That goes hand to hand with 1984 with the cameras watching your every move and the big television. The song also gives an essence that they don’t have freedom and that they don’t have time to think just to run or hide before they go and find us. In 1984 the society was built for people with power to be in control and to throw away any threat. They were afraid of anyone standing against them so what they did was take their freedom and desires so they never had any time to think. In all honesty there are many other songs that can go hand to hand with this book especially if it’s going to be a film that can have this as its theme song.