"Poison" by Bridget Zinn

Lisa Koslowski

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What is it about?

Imagine you were a 16 year old girl fleeing from at least a dozen men belonging to the special force of the king whose kingdom you tried to save.....

That is exactly the situation Kyra finds herself in. She belongs to the master potioners of the kingdom. Together with her friends and colleagues it is her task to protect the royals but then something different happens...Kyra has no idea why but she is absolutely sure that if the princess survives the kingdom will go down.

After she fails to kill the princess , her best friend, she has to escape from the kingdom to survive with nothing but only her poisons she could grab the in the last seconds.

She will try to kill the princess again and on her escape she meets a very handsome guy who is hiding a secret... will she succeed or will the kingdom go down?

Written out of Kyras view this fantasy book is really exciting and makes you question right and wrong.

What did you enjoy about the book?

The 16 year old girl Kyra does not care about what others think about her, she follows her beliefs and knows her priorities and she is simply natural and acts instinctively.

Because of these characteristics I can identify myself with her. Of course I am not a potioner who tried to kill her best friend but it is the freedom of doing whatever she believes in and the strength of mindset which helps her to believe in anything which is why she achieves her goals. I really liked that she does not try to be someone she is not, in fact, she is a naturally beautiful girl who considers inner values as important and no one is able to make her doubt that. I really enjoyed it when she gets to know the guy in the woods and the way she acted. Kyra makes life seem simple and so does he, they both live their lives simple and don't even try to be someone different. I just liked the idea of life being simple which is really hard to find in reality.

Which characters play important roles that relate to the overall theme?

All in all there are three main characters that are responsible for the way things go. First of all, the most important character is Kyra. The Book is written out of her perspective which is why the reader gets to know all of her feelings in a very personal way and even when she seems to be the bad guy you cannot be mad at her but understand her because her point of view seems to be the right one. She is guiding the reader through the book and is involved in all the main events which relate to the overall theme. Another important character is the princess Ariana who once was Kyras best friend. She does not really act directly but because of the time shifts in Kyras head the reader gets to know the princess...or how she used to be. But obviously she went through a complete change. The third character is Fred. He is a handsome guy Kyra meets in the woods while she is fleeing from the guards. After he saved her out of a river they get friends but he is not the person he pretends to be...

Was the end satisfactory?

In my opinion the end was perfect.

When I started reading the book it was not obvious why Kyra tried to kill her best friend and I was so curious about the end because I just could not imagine her to be caught or dead, she just had to succeed her mission. I was guessing about the end and after she met Fred I knew they were made for each other, it just had to be like that. Eventually I was really disappointed about what just happened but then it just turned the, in my opinion, right way. I really enjoyed the end and I was really happy about it.

What interesting or notable facts do you know about the author?

Bridget Zinn grew up in Wisconsin and met her true love on the county fair, Barrett Dowel. They got married and then Bridget Zinn got the diagnosis colon cancer but she continued reading and writing until the day she died. Bridget wanted to make people laugh and she loved strong young women as protagonists in books.