Celebrate Your Teachers and Grads!

Let Them Know How Much You Care!

The Time is Now!

Move Over Generic Gift Card and Candy!
Don't give another Target or Starbucks giftcard!

For the same money you would spend on those impersonal gift cards you can put together a very special and meaningful gift for that teacher or graduate in your life!

Teachers and Graduates work hard all year. Let them know how much you appreciate ALL that hard work and dedication!
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Teacher Appreciation at It's Finest!

An Origami Owl lanyard necklace is the perfect gift for any teacher! This gorgeous necklace is perfect for the name tags and identification cards that our teachers must wear!

Fill it with charms that represent WHO she is as a teacher!
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Looking For Something a Little Different

Try our CORE collection. These small yet meaningful pieces can be just the right statement for that special teacher.

For That Special Male Teacher

Personalize a silver or black tag with his favorite saying or initials! Don't forget to pair it with a leather cord or cable chain!
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Grads are Rad!

Celebrate this milestone with a "keeper gift". Let them know that their hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed!
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How to Order

Think about what you want:

- a teacher or grad gift?

- a locket, bangle, bracelet, wrap, necklace, earrings
- pick 4-5 charms about your teacher or graduate
- select a chain
- add a dangle or two!

Place the order online at https://butchergirls.origamiowl.com/, send me an email, or stop by the house if you are in the neighborhood.

It really is that simple!

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We Can Help You Celebrate Your Special Grad or Favorite Teacher!

Let us know exactly what you need!