Welcome to Chicago!

By Amanda Spenard


Hi Mai!

My name is Amanda and I know just how hard it is to adust to a new place. Even though thi smight be a hard adjustment, Chicago is a great place. Here are a few things that you might need to know about Chicago.

What you need to know about the United States

Here are some places where you are sure to make some friends

  1. The mall- Every girl likes the mall, so it is really easy to make friends there. Just browsing, you can meet a lot of people.
  2. School- Even though school is a place where you are supposed to learn, you can't go wrong by chatting with a few people during your free periods such as lunch or lunch study.
  3. Sports- Getting yourself involved in sports is a great way to meet freinds with some of the same interests as you. You may be shy at first, but your team will soon feel like your family.
  4. Town Events- These events are a great way to enjoy yourself and make a lot of freinds.

What sports are popular?

Sports websites

Soccer- The Chicago Blast is a great place to start playing and learn the basics. Here is a link to their website. (Consider the begining level) http://www.chicagoblastsoccer.com/tryouts/

Swimming- Even if you are not the best, joining a swim team is a great thing to consider. You always have a great team and te coaches are always very encuraging. http://www.ymcachicago.org/irvingpark/blog/entry/swim-team/

Basketball- Basketball is a really easy sport to learn and I know that you will like it. Try the Basketball 201 for a summer. http://wcf.sportssignup.com/site

Surviving the school day- What to do to ensure that you have a great year

Where to get the best food in Chicago

Vai Board meeting

Saturday, June 13th, 8-10am

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Chicago, IL

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Time-Lapse Tour: Chicago