Beastie Boys and Dr. Seuss

Unsung Writing Mentors For Your Classroom

TAIR 2013

Christal Bloomer, Presenter


Objective: Students will recognize the correlation between personality and writing.

English I TEKS: 5B, 12A, 12B, 13C

North Star of Texas Writing Project Concept Addressed: Authenticity

Warm Up

Using a favorite movie, book, or TV show as inspiration, begin creating a literary short story.

Who Is Horton And Why Does He Hear A Who?

The amazing world of Dr. Seuss

Personality (2:33)

Reflect on all the aspects of Dr. Seuss's personality and tie it to what you know about his books.

Oh, The Places You'll Go When You Don't Sabotage Your Personality

Read over the piece you created. Note the places where you naturally allow your personality to shine. Reflect on the aspects of your personality that you want to share, and begin processing where and how they can fit into your story.