Think Before You Click The Link!

What is Phishing?

Phishing is when people try to steal information from you. Often, predators phish you by your email. They make themselves look like large companies or friends/family you trust to trick you into giving passwords, addresses, credit card or bank information, and other emails.

Ways to Detect Phishing

Phishing emails often try to look like large companies. Examine their emails to make sure that their address matches who they're saying they are. Still, phishers could've hacked the companies email, so you need to look for other signs like unreasonable requests, links leading to unfamiliar websites, or spelling errors. Hover over a link in an email to see where it's really sending you. Introductions like; Dear Valued Costumer, Dear Costumer, or Dear Client can also be a sign of phishing. If you were really a valued costumer, they would know your name!

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Phishing Scams