Jackson's Presidency

By Connor Callan

"Trail of Tears"

Jackson and the U.S. government forced the Cherokees out of their own land. They told them to go to Oklahoma. Many of the Cherokees died on the way. This is now called the "Trail of Tears". They were only compensated many years later.

"Spoils System"

The Spoils System is when a candidate rewards a supporter with a government position, whether they are qualified or not. John Quincy Adams became president through this. Andrew Jackson also did this as president. Many presidents still do this today.

Nullification Crisis

The government started putting more tariffs on imported goods. South Carolina was mad because they relied heavily on imported goods, and threatened to secede. They said that states could nullify federal laws that were unconstitutional. This debate is called the Nullification Crisis. In 1833 they reached a compromise.

Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

This cartoon depicts Andrew Jackson as a king. This was made by his opponents who accused him of abusing his powers, such as closing the national bank.

Letter to the Editor from a Cherokee

President Jackson has forced my people out of our lands for no reason other than his greed. He is a corrupt and terrible president who rewards his followers with government positions even if they aren't qualified. He even threatened to hang his former vice president. The people of South Carolina should have seceded from this terrible country when they had the chance.

Letter to the Editor from a Northerner

Jackson is the best president yet! He has improved our economy by putting tariffs on imports, which has helped us focus on making our own things. I just hope those foolish southerners learned their lesson. Who would secede from our great union over a few tariffs? He also finally got rid of those natives. Our great country can grow even more now! He even rewards his supporters who helped him get where he is today with jobs. What a nice guy!