Theories of ageing

Ageing theory


Over time when you age, your body starts to get more weaker such bones and skin more fragile that you can get bruised a lot easier, fractured or broken bone from a fall or someone just punching you even. Your muscles will become weaker will make you need support to walk such as a walking stick or a frame to hold on to because your muscles wouldn't be as strong they were. Also you can lose heigh because of the cartilage that separates your vertebrae inside the backbone and becomes more compressed and your spine much more rounded making you shorter. Your joints can be affected also making them stiff and more painful.


Over time your hearing gets worse making it harder for you to hear other people that you would start asking them to speak louder or get hearing impairment, your eyesight also gets affected over time not to everyone but to some people such you would start needing glasses to read something because the letters are so small you can't see them properly. Your sense of smell and taste will get affected, like you won't be able probably smell things a lot easier closer to you so you will have to get your nose closer to smell and your taste will make it harder for you to know the taste after chewing it in your mouth for some time. The skin will be also less sensitive meaning can lead to of high risk of hypothermia.