Harlem Renaissance

By Savannah Smith

DREAMS by Langston Hughes (annotations)

Hold fast to dreams Hold on to anything that you set your mind to (goals)

For if dreams die If what you strive for in life falls apart...

Life is a broken-winged bird Anything can become broken

That cannot fly. It can prevent something major in your life

Hold fast to dreams Repetition

For when dreams go When you no longer have a mind set

Life is a barren field Your life will become empty

Frozen with snow. And life less and cold, It will just be unhappy

Dreams When they are deferred: (written reflection)

In my opinion if something happens to your dreams then they don't just go away, they just become set back. If your dreams to go to college, but something drastic happens and you are not able to go. I believe that you shouldn't just give up on that dream, that you should just work harder and try to make that dream come true later on in life.

(Audio) Dreams by Langston Hughes:

Sumeno Rai

Dreams by Langston Hughes by Sumeno Rai

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