12 Days of Stella!

This is my favorite time of year....

Welcome to the 12 Days of Stella!

For the next 7 days, look for an email with a daily challenge! Complete the challenge and enter to win on our Facebook wall. There will be one winner per day! Ready, Set, Go!

Day Five:

Let's Followup!
Call guests from your last 4 weeks of Trunk Shows. Have a nice conversation with them! Do they love their jewelry? Offer to do a show for them and their girlfriends! Be ready for your calls... (SEARCH FOLLOWUP ON SDU, UPPER RIGHT)
You might try typing up a script and I bet you can call ALL of last month's guests in less than an hour. You can also check out Danielle's December Words to Say which I just posted on our Facebook Page ☺

To qualify....you must post your results on our teampage.

Let's use our FB page to share ideas, when you're booking, if you're doing give-aways, etc....AND log into our team page to find out what the prize is for this challenge.

Winners from the Organize Your Office Challenge and the Host Your Own Sample / Trunk Show Challenge will be announced on Monday, so keep those entries coming~

Good Luck DAZZLERS!!!! How fun....workin your biz!