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Where to go to get help

Anonymous Group Location and Phone Numbers

Alcoholics Anonymous

(816) 471-7229 24 hours a day
(816) 777-2390 fax number

200 E 18th Avenue

North Kansas City, Missouri 64116


(816) 373-8566 24 hours a day

4212 S hocker Drive

Independence, MO 64055

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Alcoholics Anonymous Location (200 E 18th Avenue North Kansas City, Missouri 64116)

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ALANON Location (4212 S hocker Drive Independence, MO 64055)

What Both Services Offer to Those Who Are Seeking Help

AA provides meetings to those who require help where the alcoholic is provided group support to help fight against their alcohol addiction. There is also a 12 step program set up called the 12 Steps of Freedom which has helped many others with their alcohol addiction.

ALANON members do not give direction or advice to other members. Instead, they share their own personal stories to develop a personal connection with the other members. Professionals say that members are able to find an understanding and support that can complement and reinforce professional treatment.