By: Veronica Roth (report by: Madeline Young)

What the book is about

Divergent is about a girl named Beatrice who takes an aptitude test and has three different factions. When you turn 16 you take a test that tells you which faction you should join. You don't have to pick the result faction at the choosing ceremony. Beatrice is tested by a woman named Tori. Tori knows about being Divergent because her brother was Divergent. Tori told Beatrice to tell no one about her divergence. On the day of the choosing ceremony you could pick a new faction or stay with their original faction. Beatrice choose Dauntless. Beatrice's brother, Caleb , choose Erudite.

When Beatrice comes out of the ceremony she follows the rest of the Dauntless to the train tracks. Next she meets a girl named Christina, who is from Candor. Christina and Beatrice jump on the train together. They get a little help from a leader. Jumping off goes okay, but still a little rough. Next everyone who joined Dauntless must jump in The Pit. Luckily there's a net at the bottom.

One of the leaders of Dauntless asks for a first jumper. But, no one comes forward for a couple seconds. Then Beatrice said that she would go first. When Beatrice jumped she landed and that's when Beatrice meets Four, her battle instructor, Four told her to pick her name. She thought Beatrice was a name for a stiff. She chooses Tris.

As she goes through training she gets much better at fighting. It was very difficult for for her to carry a weapon, but she is good at throwing knifes.

Tris ends up as number one on the ranks.

On visiting day Tris sees her mother and her mom hinted about her past. Tris finds out that her mom was originally Dauntless. Her mother told her that she felt like something was going on between Erudite and Abnegation. Before Caleb left for Erudite the mother told him to study the serums.

Four frantically told Tris to follow him. He showed her guards bringing in serums. The serums were injected in to every person in the Dauntless faction. These serums don't effect people who are Divergent. Thankfully Four told her to do everything the same as everyone else.

Eventually Tris and Four got caught and taken to Erudite headquarters where Janine Mathews was running the system. Tris threw a knife at her hand and didn't miss. Janine shut down the system.

Why I chose this book

I choose Divergent because after I read this I instantly fell in love with the story.
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