Success is in the air!

We have exceptional support...which is why we shine!


Dearest MaryEllen-

Your words of confidence mean the world to me...

From the moment I met you in your interview (yes, I was on your interview panel) I saw a woman who was centered and real. This was my very first impression of you. I have always appreciated your calm demeanor, balanced tone of voice and body language. In all of the times we have been presented with a challenge I observe you listen deeply, ask thought provoking questions and then pose options...all-the-while you able to keep the child at the center. Needless to say, you mentor me each time we are together. I appreciate you leadership style of the 3 C's...communicate, communicate, communicate! This is something I appreciate each and every day about our team. We are willing to be completely honest knowing that we will create a win win for the child and their family- even if it takes time for all members to communicate.

Please know that I appreciate you each and every day! When I come to you for guidance and support you are always there to assist and problem solve right along with me. For this and so much more YOU are an amazing boss!

We are- Together in Education,