If I Were The Giver...

The three things I would share are:

A special song, Christianity, and a special TV show.

Something I would share with them is the song Levels by Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas - Levels (Audio)

This song talks about how everybody is different.

When Nick Jonas says "Get on my level baby", he is telling a girl to get on his level meaning that there are classes in life, so he says that he is on a higher class than her. This can relate Jonas' community because in that community everyone is sort of in the same level (class).

This song talks about love.

Nick Jonas is obviously singing this song to a girl. He says that they can go higher, and when they do go higher, then they can be together. This relates to Jonas' community because they don't know what feelings are and they don't have. The medication they have to take in the morning takes away those feelings of loving each other.


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World's largest religion!

Christianity is the world's largest religion. It has over 2.4 billion adherents. People that believe that Jesus is The Son Of God are called Christians. This can be something to share with Jonas' community because they don't have religions. Especially when Jonas receives the memory of Christmas. Also, the variable in each of those words is Christ.

Once Upon A Time.

Once Upon A Time is a show that I think Jonas's community should have. This show will show them entertainment that they do not have. I chose this because there is a lot of decision making in this show and this will show them that you can make your own decisions. However, you can make wrong decisions, it is very easy...