Weekly Updates

Rocky River Elementary School

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Week of May 16-20

Upcoming Events

Monday, May 16 - Day 2

  • K-2 mClass EOY testing
  • Kindergarten to Patterson Farm

Tuesday, May 17 - Day 3

  • K-2 mClass EOY testing
  • 3rd Grade mClass EOY window opens
  • Kindergarten to Patterson Farm
  • School Improvement Team Meeting @ 3:30

Wednesday, May 18 - Day 4

  • K-3 mClass EOY testing
  • Early Release @ 1:00
  • ALL staff will receive either Administrator/Proctor Training @ 2:00
List of Proctors

List of Administrators

  • Reception 3:30-4:00

Thursday, May 19 - Day 5

  • K-3 mClass EOY testing
  • EC trip to Alino's

Friday, May 20 - Day 6

  • K-3 mClass EOY testing
  • 10:00 - Kindergarten Spring Sing
  • EVAAS rosters due for submission
  • MTSS folders due to Mrs. Earnhardt (last date is June 3)


Chuck and Lani

Happy Birthday to You!!!

May 19 - Jennifer Wiliams

May 19 - Jeff Nussman

May 22 - Beth Campbell

EOY mClass Alternate Assessors

Just a reminder that the EOY assessment window continues this week for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades. The EOY window OPENS for 3rd Grade on Tuesday, May 17th. Please be mindful of those testing in the halls and remind your students to be at a Level 0 during transitions. Thank you!

K-2 EOY window is from May 3 - 25

3rd EOY window is from May 17-June 8

Alternate Assessor Assignments

Retention Meetings

Please remember to schedule a conference with parents to discuss retention with those who are valid candidates for retention. Remember these are families that you have had meetings with all year long to discuss their child's gaps, they received the February 25th In Danger of Retention letters, and have been Tier 3 students in MTSS. These meetings should be scheduled with an administrator and a Light's Retention Scale should be completed and discussed with administration prior to scheduling.

Every Child, Every Day

As 4th Quarter requires many to review essential skills taught throughout the year, it also is more difficult to keep students engaged. With our End of Quarter/Grade assessments on the horizon, please be diligent in planning until the last day of school. With a heighten number of discipline referrals around holidays/breaks, please keep in mind structure and engaged activities until the last day. What a great time to utilizes Project Based Learning opportunities, cooperative group assignments, book studies, etc. Thank you for knowing how important it is to teach and shape lives!

EduTopia EOY ideas

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Learning in Hand Blog

20 Ways to Keep Their Attention

How to Motivate At the EOY

Staff Shout-Outs

These are posted on the bulletin board in the cafeteria as well!

  • Jeanne Kouwe who offered her time to teach my class while I tested today for an hour and a half.
  • Jeff Nussman who came to school two hours before his shift just to take a student to the Mentor Breakfast.