Use Facebook, Reduce Marketing $$$

Tips on How to Strategically Use Facebook to Your Benefit

Want to know how Facebook is saving companies these days?

Today, social media marketing has been the craze for many companies in reaching their target audience. Online marketing means that companies are able to keep their audience current and updated while being conscious about their spending. While companies do have a choice in other paid options for marketing, learning how to use what is already available is the best way to go.

Smart Way to Use Facebook Webinar

Thursday, Aug. 22nd 2013 at 5pm

This is an online event.


-Money Saving Statistics

-Marketing Trends on Facebook

-Ways to Promote

(Pros and Cons of Modern and Traditional Methods)


Hosted by Vincent Lee, current Media Relations and Coordinator at Visible Music College.

Since his early beginnings in the social media marketing world, Vincent has quickly adapt and has used his knowledge and skills to aid Visible in launching new social media and online promotion efforts. He has promoted a variety of events such as Alumni/Advancement events, and live college concerts.

A part of the Visible marketing team, Vincent oversees blog content, news releases, and social media news and updates.