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Wilmer-Hutchins High School Week of [Feb 22nd- Feb 27th]

Principal's Message

What is our ultimate goal/charge at Wilmer-Hutchins High School? Graduate Students who are College & Career Ready! Everything we do along the way should be aligned with our goal.

Please keep our goal in mind as we ramp up during this testing season. Results from STAAR, ACP, SAT, etc.,. are used to monitor some short-term goals, but they are not the ultimate goal. Continue to teach every student with this goal in mind and all students will learn, grow, and graduate.

Always Hutch Proud,

Mrs. Barnett

Congratulations Chef Baz, Jeremy & Paloma!

Winners of the Dallas ISD Cooking Up Change Contest! They will be competing nationally in Washington, DC in June!

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Weekly Events

TELPAS Writing in Classes this Week!

Monday, February 22

Modified Calendar & 6-Weeks Test Due

SAT Prep 4:30-6:30PM

Blue Belle Tryouts Begin

TELPAS Writing in Math, Science, & Social Studies

Tuesday. February 23

PLCs: Lesson Cycle/Plan

Verify Gradebook by 8:00PM

Hosting TEI Meeting @ 4:45PM

Wednesday, February 24

All-in-Learning Training 4:30-5:15PM

TELPAS Writing in English

Thursday, February 25

AOHT Half-Day Planning 8:15 AM-12:00 PM

TELPAS Writing in English

Friday, February 26

Fabulous Friday!

Saturday, February 27

Social Studies AP Prep @ Hillcrest

Winter Love Dance

Upcoming Events

February 29th: Report Cards Issued

Kennedy-Curry Students Visit @ 10-2PM

Here's What We are Reading!

  • Fifty Shades of They by Ed Young
  • You Can, You Will: 8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner by Joel Osteen

If you'd like to share your book with us, please click here.

Testing Season

LPAC Accommodations & SPED Accommodations

Please be sure students are using them.

2016 ACP Spring Film Festival: Teachers of record will be given the opportunity to view the questions of the ACP for the grades and they teach. To register, click here.

Great Things Happening at Hutch!

Thank you Mr. Adam: Your vision & efforts for the front foyer with College Flags & Celebrating Cultural Events adds to our school culture! Thank you!!

2016-2017 ACP Testing Survey

Thank you for your feedback on the ACP Testing Survey!

Having 4 days for Testing (which means the school day is over at 4:15PM), received the most votes. Every Secondary Principal had to return the survey to the School Leadership Department. Hopefully we will receive what we requested - I'll keep you posted!

Our High Priority Goals