Mountain Banshee

New Discovery


The RDA discovered the Mountain Banshee in the Hallelujah floating mountains in Pandora when they were looking for a new place to set up.
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It has a very reptilian appearance, but a bird like metabolism. They have no feathers, and very leathery skin.

They come in many colors such as,

  • Indigo
  • Blue
  • Teal
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Brown
Or a combination of them. The colors are used for mating display.

They have a very complex breathing system. They have air inlets that face forward at the front of the chest cavity. The intake of air is controlled by a flap valve made of cartilage. The lungs are a bellows like structure inflated by rib movement, but unlike the lungs of terrestrial animals, it has an unidirectional flow and it moves through gill like slits.

The banshee has two primary eyes that see in the full human rage of color. Next to these are smaller secondary eyes that see in near infrared for night hunting.

They have small, vestigial legs (bipedal), so they are not very good walkers and only use them for landing.

Their wingspan is 13.9 meters (about 45 feet). The arms ends with four "fingers" with membranes and a thumb that form a claw, a lot like a bat. Each large wing has three primary vanes at its tip, like a dragonfly, These wings are very flexible, designed to be pulled in when approaching objects or tight spaces like in between trees. They have smaller hind wings that play a dual role in banshee flight. It propels itself with this during level flight. During takeoff or trying to escape from a predator it uses this and the "stabs" (things on the end of the tail) for additional propulsion. These things together provide both elevation and roll control. It can dive at 72 miles an hour.

Mountain banshees are heterotrophs, an example of what they would eat is a viperwolf.