7th and 8th Grade News

Week of May 31st

Hawk Happenings

Hello Parents and Guardians!

This is going to be a hectic week. Please pay attention to the below dates and forms that you will be getting, and that we will need returned pretty quickly.

June 3rd - 8th Grade Retreat, Permission Slip went out today and we need those back ASAP.

Also, We will actually be returning home around 5:30pm, as opposed to the time listed.

June 9th - 8th Grade graduation - Students must come to school dressed in their "Sunday's Best" for the mass service. After the service, you are invited to join your student for a special traditional breakfast prepared by the 7th grade parents. A FORM WENT HOME TODAY WITH YOUR STUDENT ABOUT HOW MANY FAMILY MEMBERS WILL BE ATTENDING. PLEASE RETURN TO ME ASAP. After the breakfast, your student will be free for you to celebrate as a family, before you return to the school no later than 6pm to prepare for the ceremony. PLEASE EMAIL ME BABY PICTURES IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY.

June 8th - Social Studies/ Pre-Algebra Final - Students should be studying for their finals this week. STUDY STUDY STUDY. Both grades have SS final, only 7th graders have Pre-Algebra Final.


I've been asked about tutoring lately, and unfortunately, I will not be available today for that. However, especially as we get closer to Pre-Algebra Finals and Social Studies Finals, I will begin again on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays until 4pm. PLEASE SEND YOUR STUDENT IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR MATH PROGRESS. Also, I would like to repeat that I WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR TUTORING TODAY. But from here on out, there should be no more changes to that. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOUR STUDENT IS PLANNING ON COMING TO TUTORING. IF I DON'T GET EMAILED, I ASSUME NOBODY IS COMING.

Thanks again guys! Please email me with any questions, comments, or concerns. Have a wonderful week!