Introducing the cStat PCA app

New app and platform create opportunties for collaboration

Discover the advantages that mobile technology and cStat can bring to your PCAs, building evaluations, yearly inspections, or property management.

The Collateral Status (cStat) Property Condition Assessment (PCA) application is an iOS based application for use on an iPad or iPad mini. Mobile technology, cloud storage, and the cStat app and platform allow for collaboration and sharing not previously available. Upon completion of the field assessment and uploading to the cloud, all of the collected site information can be immediately reviewed online. Imagine the collaboration opportunities that can be created - field staff with senior staff, consultant with client, maintenance director with property manager, etc - when an action list and photographs can be reviewed immediately following a site walk.
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cStat does not change the way an inspection is conducted, just the manner in which the information is collected.

The building science professional conducts the site reconnaissance the same way they always have; however, now they carry an iPad or iPad mini instead of a notepad and a camera. Rather than randomly taking down notes, filling out a generic checklist, or simply taking a large number of photographs to document the site conditions, the information and photographs are efficiently gathered in cStat in their designated section. The video shows the cStat PCA app in use.
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What are the benefits of cStat after the site inspection is completed?

This is where the true power and flexibility of cStat is realized. The collected site information can be reviewed online immediately after it has been uploaded in seconds to the cloud. The screen shots below depict the information that is entered in the cStat PCA app and the cStat PCA platform.
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Contact us to get started with cStat

The cStat PCA app was designed in consultation with leading experts in the building science field. Please contact Kurt Winters to receive information regarding the downloading of the free cStat PCA app and establishing your account.

Currently we are extending a free trial period for you to try the cStat PCA app, allowing you to see how it can be implemented into your current building evaluation or maintenance process.