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The Details

Saturday, Oct. 29th, 1pm

4951 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA

Parade lines up at NOON on 50th Street at Walnut St.

Parade steps off at 1PM

Parade is followed by a short participatory performance in the Clark Park "dog bowl".


In it's 17th year, Peoplehood is an all-ages people-powered tradition/holiday that brings community together to celebrate our past year, tell our stories, and look forward to building a more just and joyous year ahead. This year's theme is "We All Might Be Giant".


We might all be giant is about collective power and be(com)ing giant together.

We have collective power within us to awaken the giant.

We are stronger together than we are apart.

Together, giant, we can budge boulders of oppression and

step over the dark mountains in our lives.

Together, giant, we can see more, shout louder,

lift heavier loads, travel farther & faster.

Together, giant, we rumble into our power.


  • Respond to the theme with art in the parade: banners, signs, puppets, movement, song, poetry... We look forward to a parade full of our different representations of giantness - however you choose to interpret it or represent yourselves.
  • Show up on the day of and carry Spiral Q art or simply fold yourself into the energy of the parade.
  • Volunteer on the Q team to make it happen before or the day of
  • Witness or participate in the 'Healing and Reconciliation' dance following the parade.
  • Watch the Parade along the route
  • Spread the word


If you would like to join in, please fill out this form to sign up your group, and be sure to contact Liza at if you have any questions. And please help us spread the word! If there are other groups that you would like to see participate in Peoplehood, please share this flier or let us know who we can share it with. The more people, the stronger the Peoplehood. If you are just coming with a few friends or family members you can sign up but it is not required.

We want to hear from you! How have you experienced the power of coming together?

Send us a short blurb about your thoughts on the theme. What are your responses to the questions below? How does this theme connect to your everyday work? We hope to illustrate the power of the communities that make up Peoplehood by sharing a bit about their work in advance of the parade. Please send your responses to and we can share to boost you and your work or keep your words anonymous if you prefer.

  • How have you been giant?

    - Where have you noticed that working with others has made you powerful?

  • How do you yearn to be giant?

    - What work is in front of you that you cannot do alone?

  • How are you giant now?

    - How are you connected to other people now? What change are you making now

    - What work are you doing? Where is your momentum?


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About Spiral Q

Spiral Q is an interdisciplinary ensemble of artists, activists, and cultural organizers who work to build strong and equitable communities characterized by creativity, joy, can-do attitudes and the courage to act on their convictions. Through our work with people young and old, we inspire creative risk-taking and art-making through our educational programs, creative consulting services, puppet pageants, parades and more. Please visit for more information about our work or to support Spiral Q.

Peoplehood is presented by and features (as of 9/15/16):

Spiral Q

The Caucus of Working Educators

The Friends of Clark Park

Girard Medical Center

Neighborhood Bike Works

The Paul Robeson House

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

TAG (Teacher Action Group)

The West Powelton Steppers

Youth Volunteer Corps Philly