5R Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Written and Edited by Mrs. Riley's 5th Grade Class


We are reading a book called The Great Migration about how the African Americans traveled North to have a better life. We also just finished up reading a book about real life superheroes called Real Life Superheroes. The "superheroes" were Richard Martin, Thomas Barnardo, Raoul Wallenberg, and Rosa Parks. All of these people worked to make a change in the world. Our focus has been on identifying main ideas and key details. We will be finishing up this unit and beginning the unit assessment the last week in January.


This week in writing we have been learning about an inspirational person of our choice. We researched these people gathering quotes and other information based on why they are an inspiration to us. We took all of the information we gathered and wrote an informational paper. We are now working on using the information to create a multimedia presentation. Our presentations will begin on January 22nd. We will be assessed on informational writing at the end of January.


We have been focusing on decimals in math class. We have all learned how to add, subtract, and multiply decimals. We are now learning how to divide decimals. All of our classes will test on this unit soon. We will then move in to a unit on fractions.

Social Studies

We have been learning about settlers moving to the west. We learned that new inventions were created that made communication and transportation easier for people living in the United States. We are also learning about conflicts that occurred on the Great Plains between the Native Americans and the government. We will test over this chapter next Wednesday.

Important Information/Dates

Monday, January 18th- No School (MLK Day)

Wednesday,February 3- Dinner night

Saturday, February 6 - Fun Fair!(11:00pm-3:00pm)

Monday, February 15- No School (Presidents' Day)