Career project

By: Jose A Baladez III

About me.

My name is Jose Angel Baladez III. I was born on August,10 1999 in Carrollton,TX. I was then raised in Monterrey for four years. I also have a mother and and sometimes anoying brothers that I love. My friends and family call me DonCheto because I dance all lot of to Mexican music.

My goals are to live a happy life and to be the first Jose Angel Baladez to graduate college.

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Personality Tests

The personality tests I took were the color test and the holland test. For the color test I ended up with orange.Orange person considers life as a game, not all the time. Orange person is also charming,bold ,eager,optimistic,and genarous. For the the holland test I found out I was a creator. A creator is imagenetive, creative, and open-minded.
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Career choices

Graphic designer

Requires Bachelor's Degree
Median Pay = $44,150

Job Growth = 7%

Graphic designers make logos , product illustration, and websites. I choose to be a graphic designer so I can use creactivity to make next famous logos like the NBA logo, and the Hebron logo. Also make famous product illustration like Lucky Charms box design, and also the Happy Meal box design.


Bachelor's Degree

Median pay=
$61,370 Job
Growth =6%

Animators make animation for tv, and movies. I want to be an animator too so I can just make animations for youtube or make animation of my logo characters. If I become really good at it I maybe try to look for a company that can use my skills.


The Art Institute of Dallas
8080 Park Lane #100
Dallas, TX

This is the school I want to attend to. The tuition cost is $44,829.00.In these school I do not need a SAT score requirement but it has no scholarships. In this school i will get a bachelor's degree for graphic designing and animation. The reasons i want to attend to these school is because its close to my house and it is also not out of state.

The Art Institute of Austin
101 W. Louis Henna Blvd, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78728

This is my alternitive school. The tuition cost is $39,363.00. This school is the same as the Dallas school does not rquire SAT score and no scholarships. I can also get a bachelor's degree here too. I like this school because it not out of state it is also not as expinsive as the school in Dallas.


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This budget will go well with my lifestyle. I whould have a roof over my head. I will have food on the table. But I whold like a little more money to have stuff.